What The Place?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does "What The Place?" work?

"What The Place?" is essentially a quiz with the challenge to guess the location where a presented picture has been taken. For each solved picture, registered users collect points for the Hall of Fame and more statistics and trophies are still to come.

Why should I register?

If you register, your progress (i.e. your solved pictures) are permanently saved in your account and you will be shown in the Hall of Fame- if you are good enough! Additionally, registered users are able to upload their own images into the quiz.

How does the new login system work?

If you either own an OpenID identity (e.g. a Google or Yahoo account) or a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use them to sign in without a separate registration.

Of course, if you already have an account at "What the Place?", you can always link it to an OpenID identity or Facebook/Twitter account in the same way that you can de-link an existing account from any of the authentification methods. In fact, actually more than one authentification method can be linked to an account and you can then login using any of them!

Additionally, you can also set a password on an account created via OpenID, Facebook or Twitter and use it with the password login then instead of the new login system.

What technologies are being used?

The server hosting "What the Place?" is running Debian Squeeze. The page itself is powered by Python using the excellent Django Web Framework. Besides Django and the Python standard library, only the Python Imaging Library (PIL) is used for manipulating images. Apache in conjunction with mod_wsgi is used for serving the web pages and PostgreSQL as the database backend. Connection to OpenID providers, Facebook and Twitter is established with python-openid, Facebook's Python SDK and Tweepy respectively.